Which is better between nylon and cotton? Which is more expensive nylon fabric and cotton

De velvet fabric and cationic which is better? What is the difference between cationic and German velvet? De velvet is also called diamond velvet, which is a new type of fabric. Its thermal insulation effect is very good, and it is very suitable for autumn and winter clothing. The cationic fabric is mainly made of polyester. It has good performance, long life and high color fastness, so which of these two fabrics is better?

Which is better, German velvet fabric or cationic? What is the difference between cation and velvet?

Advantages of velvet fabric:

1. Warmth. The velvet fabric adopts the dry-spinning ultra-fine special-shaped section technology to make the fabric more fluffy. In addition, the raised fluff can also increase the amount of still air, so the velvet fabric is very warm.

2. Soft and slim fit. The most popular thing about De velvet is that it has thick and thick down, soft and waxy to the touch, and is soft and close to the body, which can save you from wearing bulky clothes in winter.

3. Not easy to fade. The velvet fabric is reactive printing and dyeing, which has good color fastness and is not easy T-shirt to fade.

4. Good breathability. The velvet fabric has a unique moisture wicking function, which can better expel moisture from the body, making it soft and breathable.

5. Bright color. The velvet fabric is rich in color, elegant in style, and the fabric shines like a diamond.

Which is better, German velvet fabric or cationic? What is the difference between cation and velvet?

Features of Cationic Fabrics

1. One of the characteristics of cationic fabrics is the two-color effect. Using this feature, some yarn-dyed two-color fabrics can be replaced, thereby reducing the cost of the fabric. This hoodie is the characteristic of cationic fabrics, but it also limits its characteristics. For multi-color yarn-dyed fabrics, cationic fabrics can only be replaced.

2. The cationic fabric has bright color and is very mens hoodies & sweatshirts suitable for artificial fibers, but the color fastness to washing and light fastness of natural cellulose and protein fabrics is very poor.

3. The wear resistance of cationic fabrics is also very good. After adding some artificial fibers such as polyester and spandex, the strength is higher, the elasticity is better, and the wear resistance is second only to nylon.

4. Cationic fabrics have some chemical properties, such as corrosion resistance, dilute alkali resistance, bleach resistance, oxidant resistance, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, as well as some physical properties, such as UV resistance.

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